Best career advice ever.

The method of trial and error serves as the basis of scientific advancement and economic prosperity (read: the market). Yet on a personal level, its rather daunting. If we try things, we are going to fail quite a bit. After all, most entrepreneurs fail many times before succeeding and most small businesses don’t make the 3-4 year mark. And if we try to create the career we dream about, rather than the one that’s most obvious and convenient, we’re going to take a fair amount of rejection and possibly a few set backs.

Yet, the method of trial and error is still relevant and that is why this is the best career advice ever. Not  only the colum but also the comments. And how is this exert for stating the obvious that we seldom appreciate:

“One of the great things about looking for a job is that your “payoff” is almost always a max function (the best of all attempts), not an average. “

Getting on the career track you want doesn’t require dramatic changes, leaving your job and taking huge risks. It’s only requirement is to tolerate rejection.

Read the full post here.


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